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HKBU is one of Hong Kong’s 8 leading UGC-funded universities, and is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Hong Kong. It has a Christian heritage dating back to the middle of the last century, and has evolved into a university of the world that welcomes and embraces people of all faiths and persuasions. HKBU offers a caring, inclusive and contemporary community, and the fast-rising numbers of international students on our campuses have noticeably enriched the life and texture of our learning environment. In sum, we are a university on the move, open to the world and new ideas, true to the innovative and creative spirit of Hong Kong, but focused on the needs of the society around us and on the celebration of difference and diversity in their many forms.

What we do…

The Office of the Provost plays a broad and leading role in the academic and strategic planning of the University. It has particular responsibilities for:

Icon of Strategic Plan 2018-2028

Oversight and monitoring of the Strategic Plan 2018-2028, which enshrines the University’s 10-year evolution into a research-led liberal arts institution of global significance

Icon of Talent100 project

The implementation of the Talent100 project, a world-wide initiative that seeks to move the University to new levels of excellence through the recruitment of 100 new academics within 3-5 years

Icon of Office of Institutional Research and Planning

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning enables us to capture key information quickly and, through data analytics, to use that information to enhance the life and standing of the University.

Icon of equal opportunities

Specific policies related to academic staff recruitment, titling, tenure & promotion, retention, and programme alignments, with the aim of establishing standardised, transparent procedures across the University

Icon of internationalisation

Our commitment to internationalisation which in the last 12 months has seen us organise information talks at 27 universities in England, the USA, Scotland, and Australia—with visits to Canada and India planned in the year ahead.

President in Honorary Doctoral Degress Conferment Ceremony

Responsibilities of the Provost's Office

For an overview of the responsibilities of the Provost's Office, please refer to the chart here
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